Episode 008 - Virginia Slim Margin of Error


Today I'm joined by Charlottesville-based activist and my hometown buddy Kat Dillon to talk about the very close Democratic primary for Governor in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

We discuss the candidates, the big issues and that weird quasi-klan rally that went down in Charlottesville last week.

The primary is on June 13th. If you were registered by May 22nd, you may vote. You should do so.


Walkshet 007 - Arun Chaudhary

Arun (right) and I on New Years Eve 2007. I think I forgot something.

Arun (right) and I on New Years Eve 2007. I think I forgot something.

"Filmmaker working in politics," author, and my former boss Arun Chaudhary joins me to discuss how to be good on camera, what is "authenticity" and more...

...including some breaking news!


Note: This episode originally aired on March 27th but Arun's big news wasn't supposed to be public yet. I'm a mensch so I took the episode down. No word yet on whether he's out of the doghouse.

Walksheet 005 - How to Run for School Board

Special Guests Josh Hughes & Natasha Newcomb

Running for school board is one best ways to get involved in politics for the first time.

My guests today are Josh Hughes and Natasha Newcomb, members of the I-35 and Des Moines Public Schools boards, respectively.

We discuss why they ran, what it took to win and what they've learned since getting elected.